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Getting Back In Touch With Wordpress

Three years without seeing each other

Getting reacquainted with Wordpress

The last time I had worked on a Wordpress project, its version number was 3.x. It now is 4.3.

The first thing I did was take a look at the changes made since the last time I used it. To my surprise, not much had changed at all in regard to theme and plugin development. Most changes were enhancements to the administration panel like a theme customizer, post formats and better media management. continue reading

「 September 2015 | Tags: Wordpress

Styling input[type=submit ], or how to tame vertical alignment in Firefox?

While attempting to style an input submit, I ran across an inconsistency in Firefox. The problem and solution are fully described on Stack Overflow and the code solution is below, simply add it to your reset/base CSS (That’s what I did anyway).

input::-moz-focus-inner /*Remove button padding in FF*/
    border: 0;
    padding: 0;

I don’t know why they added a pseudo class in Firefox on the inputs, if anyone knows the use of -moz-focus-inner, you’re welcomed to comment.

Thought of making a post because I spent quite some time on trying to make my buttons identical crossbrowser, so if I can prevent the trouble for anyone, it’s my pleasure :D

「 March 2014 | Tags: CSS, Firefox

Developing a PhoneGap Android app using NetBeans

For some time, I have been interested in PhoneGap, a technology to build native apps for all major mobile platforms (Android, iPhone, Blackberry, …). When I actually sat down and tried to start working with it, every tutorials out there explained how to set up a PhoneGap project in Eclipse. I actually did make the PhoneGap test app work using Eclipse, but I was rather disappointed at Eclipse’s poor support for the web technologies used while developing a PhoneGap app a.k.a. HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and some server side language like PHP or RoR. continue reading

「 March 2013 | Tags: PhoneGap, NetBeans